Ankhor your Soul

I support you to Remember, Connect with,
Embody and Express your True Essence

I went on a three day retreat with Gwendolynn at the ocean, and the time was filled with magical, inspiring experiences – singing, cacao, dancing, touch, and so many incredible moments of beauty. Gwendolynn puts incredible care and energy into all she does, and authenticity shines through.


Soul Sessions

Awaken to receive, dear one.

'Your Heart is a Stargate and the visions in your Heart matter' 

Within my sessions I intent to offer a safe space in which people connect to their True Self. I guide people to their core of purity and support them to feel comfortable to feel and express the full emotional spectrum, through breath, body, energy and soul.
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''One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.''

                          -Paulo Coelho,         
                           The Alchemist 

Unlock your voice

Have you always wanted to sing, but have you been holding back because you think your voice is not good enough? To me, the process of unlocking our voice is one of the most powerful alchemical tools. It is my joy to guide you in expressing all parts of you and receiving the healing qualities of your own voice. Inspired by a life filled with singing, studying voice and receiving guidance from Mary Magdalene, I have developed a tool called Flowering Voice.

''We are our voice and our voice is our being. All beings have a flower inside that wants to unfold it’s petals.''

Inner Soul Circle

Stay tuned for upcoming Soul Events! I send out invitations to ceremonies, workshops, courses & other events here. Join our WhatsApp-group if you would like to receive these invitations.
The group is clean, all you will receive is invitations to the events, there are no chats.

”To me Gwendolynn’s way of being in the world is a steady source of inspiration.  Beauty, wholesome, magical and rooted are words I would associate with her, they really shine forth in her presence. It is this and the beautiful rituals and ceremonies connected to nature she creates that  have been very healing experiences for me.”
-Anne Bouwmeester

You will never regret to meet this amazing and talented woman. Gwenn is one of the most inspiring and compassionate teachers I have ever met. ”
-Joana Neves 

Gwendolynn has a truly exceptional voice, she sings like an angel and has a range of tones that is very multidimensional.
-Xavier Flow

Nature sings

Listen and we can dance together