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”To me Gwendolynn’s way of being in the world is a steady source of inspiration.  Beauty, wholesome, magical and rooted are words I would associate with her, they really shine forth in her presence. Her presence and the beautiful rituals and ceremonies connected to nature she creates have been very healing for me.”
-Anne Bouwmeester

to your joy, creativity and purpose, support you to receive guidance from your higher self and to Alchemise what is no longer serving your highest potential. You will release old patterns, beliefs and bring healing into traumas, creating space to receive more of yourself and to live your heart every day! 

''When we let our light shine, we give others permission to do the same'' - Nelson Mandela

What does a session look like?

Within the 1:1 mentor sessions I create a sacred space for your empowerment. I offer you different tools to connect to your own inner wisdom. By combining different modalities, the sessions are a co-creative exploration guided by your Higher Self.

How does it work?
We connect to your intention for the session and with your permission, I open your Akashic Records. This is the foundation for the session. For any questions you have around your life, we can receive the clarity directly from your own soul. I also assist you in your integration process and teach you how to start accessing your inner wisdom for yourself, so that you can live your life from your Higher selfs perspective every day and embody more and more of your souls light into this world.

Examples of what we can do within the sessions:

Acknowledging, letting go, releasing
-Inner child connection & healing
-Ancestral lineage connection & healing
-Parallel life connection & healing
-Dissolving outdated contract, deals & agreements
-Cutting tethers

Empowerment (connecting to magical abilities, developing leadership qualities)
-Connecting to your intuition 
-Connecting to your purpose
-Connecting to your self – healing abilities 

Connecting to spiritual support system
-Connecting to your guides 
-Connecting/strengthening connection to Divine Feminine Ascended Masters
-Initiations with Divine Feminine ascended Masters

”Shedding of the old and creating space for the new, allowing yourself to embody all parts of our soul.”

The different healing tools and modalities that I combine within the sessions include:

Prayer & invocation
Akashic Records
Inner processing & Regression
Oracle cards
Dance & Movement
Yoga Nada
Flowering Voice
Sound Healing
Dream time & connecting to your spirit animal
Walking the medicine wheel
Seven steps into the Ancestral lineage
Essential oils

Here you can read more on the modalities I work with:

I recommend doing a course of sessions, as this allows you to really deepen your process and integrate gracefully. You can book a course of three, six, seven or eight sessions. It’s also possible to book a single session. All sessions have a duration of 90 minutes.

''The wound is where the light enters''

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