Akashic Records

Are you ready to receive guidance from your higher self? 

– Receive insight and healing directly from your own Soul –

Connecting consciously to the Akashic Records is a very direct and effective way to experience guidance from your higher self. An Akashic Record reading strengthens the connection to your inner knowing and to your guides. Within these readings you can ask questions around any area of your life to receive insight, clarity, information
and healing. 

An Akashic Record reading can give you profound insight on your life’s path. As it connects you to wisdom from your higher self, it provides you with an eagles’ perspective on your life’s experience. The eagle sees everything from above, with great clarity. Sometimes you might feel lost within your life, when you experience challenging situations, when need to make difficult decisions or when you feel that you’re playing out the same patterns within your life over and over again. In this case receiving guidance from your higher self can make all the difference and bring you back to a place of clarity and heart-centered action.  

”Gwendolynn has helped me to heal a very old trauma. I could surrender effortlessly to her healing through the Akashic Records. Her approach is very pure and filled with love.”

-Ingeborg Leeuwenberg

Gwendolynn has a gift for creating a safe, loving space for the Akashic Records that allows for truly transformative insight

''The Akashic Records offer a process to connect with the divine knowing of your soul in this moment.''
              -Cheryl Marlene

Sometimes we get lost in the earthly experience of our life and we get out of alignment with our souls purpose. An Akashic reading can bring you back into alignment. Next to soul realignment and working with the Akashic Records to connect to your purpose, it’s possible to look into dynamics of certain relationships, to cut unhealthy tethers you might have towards people or projects, to receive an Akashic healing, to feel into a place you might want to visit or move to, to rewrite patterns that are no longer serving you, to look into parallel lifes, to connect to your guides, Archangels and to your creativity.  

What are the Akashic Records? 
Akasha means basis and essence of all things. The Akashic Records are an energetic field of unconditional love. They are a form of memory that holds information of all existence. If we think of our daily life, we are dealing with the material realm, which we can see as the manifestation of the causal realm. Considering that the causal realm influences our manifested reality, it’s wonderful news that we can access this causal realm to get more clarity on why certain events are happening within our lives and what possible outcome certain attitudes, actions, or patterns we hold might have. We live in a reality of possibilities, which we can influence by our thoughts and actions.  
Connecting to the wisdom of your own Akashic records will assist you to live your true purpose and to live in alignment with your soul.  

Yes, I would like to connect deeply to my inner knowing.

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