Cacao Ceremony

Would you like to connect deeply to your heart? 



Cacao is one of the medicines that I interweave within the Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy sessions. All sessions have a ceremonial format and within a course of sessions I guarantee that cacao will be present, as it is one of the foundational tools I work with. Depending on your wishes, cacao can be a focus point or an assisting modality for your alchemical journey.

Your heart knows your true purpose. Cacao is a true heart opener. It’s a very gentle medicine that helps you to open again to this place within you, where you find courage, clarity and peace.

Gwendolynn’s cacao is enriched with the care and intention she puts into so many beautiful aspects of life, and this makes an incredible difference for the peace that can come through her cacao. Her singing at cacao ceremonies is truly transporting. A beautiful, peace-giving experience. ”

''Cacao opens the door. It's up to you to walk through it''
              -Keith Wilson

As we move through our lifes gather experiences and ‘heartbreaks’. Our heart didn’t always feel safe and often has started to protect itself. Also we live in a mind-dominated society in which we are told to shut down the wisdom from our heart. But when the mind becomes a tool to translate the wisdom from the heart, life becomes so much more vibrant, playful and peaceful.  

As we sit in ceremony together we connect to your intention, which is the main guide of the ceremony. From there the cacao is assisting you to bring up everything that wants to be seen. Imagine that your intention marrying with the cacao will want to bring you to the center of your heart. In order to get to that place, you will need to walk through a door and a hallway that have been closed for a very long time. What you find on your walk there might be confronting. It might mean that within the ceremony you go through emotions and thought processes that want to be seen. This however, is a process of cleaning. Once you’ve allowed everything of your inner world to be seen, it will gently dissolve and be washed away. Maybe there is a message for you within these things and you will be able to integrate that message. Once you start to listen to your heart, you will be able to learn how to be in dialogue with it. Like Santiago, in the Alchemist, from this dialogue with the heart you will be able to read omens, understand the meaning of symbols within your life and receive the guidance that is always available to you. When you start living your life from your heart, you will experience a distinct shift in how you perceive the world. Cacao is a potent medicine that can aid you within the process of becoming more heart-centered.  

After a ceremony you will probably feel much lighter. As cacao is a very feminine spirit, that also has the power to connect us deeper to creativity, we will also have space within the ceremony for playfulness and creation. This can be within an art-form that you are allready familiar with, or with a new modality. Creativity lies within the heart as well and who knows what gifts lie hidden there for you to explore. This can open new doors. It can even be your main intention to connect to your own creativity.  
In case you feel more like receiving, I can give you a soundhealing session during the ceremony, a reiki & massage treatment or a combination of those.  

As this is a ceremony-based session, it’s shaped sligthly different to the other sessions. It’s important to not plan anything afterwards, as we might need more time for your processes and it’s important to transition slowly into your daily life again. You will need time for yourself to integrate the ceremony as well, so the solo time with yourself afterwards is part of the session as well.  

Cacao also has a lot of health benefits: it’s a great source of antioxidants, the highest plant-based source of iron, full of magnesium which benefits the heart and brain, contains more magnesium than cow milk and last but not least is full of bliss chemicals (serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine) that make cacao a natural mood elevator. 

Yes, I would like to connect deeply to my heart!


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