Embody the Rose

Awaken to receive, dear one.

'Your Heart is a Stargate and the visions in your Heart matter' 

In this course you will learn how to live your life through the omniscient perspective of Your Higher self. In other words: you will learn how to listen to the visions within your heart and how to follow through on the guidance of your heart. You will learn and experience the challenges that come when you embark upon this journey, as well as the joy and the magic that arises from it. The world needs your light more than ever! Living from your heart, anchoring your higher selfs’ light into your body and radiating the frequency of your unique soul into this world is a gift that will be rippling out beyond your understanding.


January 21, 28
February 4, 11

10-11.30 am European time
5-6.30 pm Bali time

Energy exchange: €177 euros

Online via zoom
Are you ready to strengthen the connection to your soul?

Would you like to…

-Be able to listen and follow through on your Hearts guidance?

-Become empowered as the sovereign creator that you are and become educated in ways of receiving all the answers you need from your own soul?

-Become deeply rooted and embodied in the knowing that you have already all of the answers you’re looking for – inside of you?

-Become educated in mystery school teachings?

-Access your Akashic Records?

-Receive support in the form of initiations, healing and guidance from Ascended Masters and your Angelic guides and establish a clear connection to them?

-Be part of a community who is choosing to live from a heart-centered place and is co-creating Heaven on Earth?

This course provides a beautiful introduction to start learning these skills. It places your feet on the path of ‘Walking the Way’, as the Mary’s and Yeshua would refer to this daily practice of self-mastery. The self-mastery of committing to surrender your free will of your localised human awareness to the divine orchestrations of the omniscient perspective of your higher self. 

You will receive a course reader that includes information as well as integrative and deepening exercises.

I’m excited to announce that this four week course is starting at the 21st of January. It will be the first of a series of courses and events that I will be offering in 2023 to empower you in the process of living and embodying your True Self.
The process will include learning to receive direct guidance, healing and initiations from your soul, Ascended Masters, cultivating your life force energy, connecting and integrating all parts of yourself and opening yourself to embody divine aspects, such as the Rose. You will learn how to access your own Akashic Records, work with intentions and reiki energy. These journeys will build upon each other, so I encourage you to embark with our community on this first one. 

Are you interested, but not sure if you want to commit to the full program?

It’s possible to sign up for the first session, for €44. Anyone joining our EarthAngel collective call at the 14th of January will receive a discount for this course and can enter through the temple gates for only €155.

In case you have any questions about this program, feel free to reach out to me via
info@healingmoonpriestess.com or to schedule a free call here.

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