Flowering Voice

Are you ready to unlock your voice and to allow your song to blossom?



Flowering Voice is one of the modalities that I interweave within the Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy sessions. Unlocking your Voice can be your main or one of your main intentions for the sessions. Depending on your wishes, Flowering Voice can be a focus point or an assisting modality for your alchemical journey.

Have you always wanted to sing, but have you been holding back because you think your voice is not good enough? Would you like to explore different styles of music from around the world by singing traditional songs? 

As my teacher I can only recommend her through her incredible precision in guiding you into exploring your vocal range and new avenues to improve yourself. So much loving care and support even after the class. Exceptionally in tune with the holistic approach to singing.

-Xavier Flow

Gwendolynn has an otherworldly gift for creating music, through song and instruments, and also for awakening this gift in her students. Gwendolynn was the most talented, intuitive, and supportive voice teacher I’ve ever had.

''We are our voice and our voice is our being. All beings have a flower inside that wants to unfold it’s petals.''

I strongly believe that everybody can sing and am very passionate about assisting people on their vocal journey. Singing is not about being born with a good voice, it’s simply about practice.  

When we connect to our voice and practice singing, we are also connecting to ourselves and practice our authenticity. Learning how to sing is deeply interwoven with embodying and speaking our truth.  

The songs that I work with are traditional songs from around the world. Traditional music holds a key. As the music derives from people that have different perspectives on life and have been passed on for generations, sometimes going back to people that were living very close to and in harmony with nature, the songs carry wisdom that goes beyond the translation of just the words. The songs hold a specific frequency that allows you to connect to our true nature and to open up new life perspectives. They have the potency to change your life’s experience on a very subtle level.  

Music is everything and everything is music… 

Look, and it can't be seen.
Listen, and it can't be heard.
Reach, and it can't be grasped.
Approach it and there is no beginning; 
follow it and there is no end.
You can't know it, but you can be it, at ease in your life.
Just realise where you come from:this is the essence of wisdom.                 -LAU TZU 

Music and me
I have always been somebody who enjoys connecting different worlds, going into detail in order to discover similarities and patterns. What seem to be separations or differences are in fact connections. In something new or opposite we always find something known, expressed in other ways. 
What attracts me about traveling is the opportunity to see different perspectives that allow me to view the world in a new way, from a broadened perspective. Diving into different styles of music is a way of travelling for me. 
During my teens, I have experienced a strong feeling of being imprisoned. Until I realised that I am free. This allowed me to make an active choice for what I was doing and brought a lot of joy and juiciness into my life. This doesn’t mean that all my experiences have been easy from then on, but it created a lot of space for me to feel curious about the world around me and to follow this curiosity. 
I have been initiating and guiding different projects since I was twelve. This developed from bringing out a two monthly magazine about animal welfare and supporting animal welfare organisations, to writing and directing small pieces of theatre, choreographing dance performances, to starting to play the Celtic harp, singing in different bands and starting a fund, ‘Pastiche’ that had the main focus to connect different people through different styles of music. 

Listen to Sarzamine man – with pianist Arash Bezadi


Gwendolynn is a singer, instrumentalist, music teacher and holistic coach for vocalists & instrumentalists. Through her projects as a performing artist and through her coaching and teaching it is her mission to connect people to their inner nature. Through her music she shares stories of different musical traditions that hold the power to let people remember their inner wisdom. Gwendolynn has been teaching in private practice since 2013 and started performing with different bands and ensembles around the same time. She has experience working in schools and with teaching community music since 2015. 

Yes, I would like to unlock my voice!


Gwendolynn has a truly exceptional voice, she sings like an angel and has a range of tones that is very multidimensional. As my teacher I can only recommend her through her incredible precision in guiding you into exploring your vocal range and new avenues to improve yourself. So much loving care and support even after the class. Exceptionally in tune with the holistic approach to singing. Highly recommended!!!

Xavier Flow

It was incredible how Gwendolynn guided a group of people into learning lyrics is the Romani language, choreographies, body language and into getting the confidence to sing in front of a small public! Her four day singing course I joined were some of the most joyful days I had in a while! I did not think about my worries for a second. Gwenn is one of the most inspiring and compassionate teachers I have ever met. She would never push people to sing in a specific way, she would just encourage them to find their own voice. I learned that everyones’ voice is always good enough, as long as we just let go of comparisons. Attending this singing course with her was much more than learning how to sing. It was a lesson on how to not postpone things just because I am not able to do them perfectly how I imagine them, and to learn that we all have voices that are beautiful enough to be listened to. Besides that, we created beautiful connections within the group during those days that we allowed ourselves to play and sing, allowing our inner children to have so much fun! I definitely recommend Gwenn for any singing course you would like to attend. You will never regret to meet this amazing and talented woman.


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