Frangipani speaks

My tree is known by different names, as the Frangipani tree, the Temple tree and as the tree of Life. As such, I am considered sacred. In Bali, I am part of each ceremony. With my refreshing qualities I purify body, mind and soul and have a refreshing effect. As a flower, I show up in different colours with unique fragrances. These fragrances are often associated with romance and can activate or strengthen sexual energy.

Stimulating heart-mind coherence, I inspire self-esteem and trust in guided action. I am referred to as a symbol for purity of the heart and for people in Bali I act as a way of communicating within their ceremonies and within everyday life.

In aromatherapy, my essential oil is used to reduces inflammation, headaches, back pain and tinnitus. My oil is well-known for it’s hydrating properties as it heals dry and cracked skin and also keeps the skin supple. It also has a soothing effect on the nervous system and muscles and is purifying.

Ritual suggestions

Massaging your feet, solar plexus area and cheeks with my oil as a start of your day. If there are any dry places on your skin, put some oil on those spots as well for hydration and rejuvenation.
You can use this moment as well to say a positive affirmation out loud, so that this moments deepens your self-esteem and inspires your actions throughout the day.

Diffusing some essential oil while you relax, listening to some music or taking a bath, to uplift and rejuvenate your being.

Connecting to an intention for yourself, for loved ones or for the world and offering a flower. This can be a physical act if you live an area where I grow, or you can meditate on my essence to give strength to your intention.

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