Inner Alchemy

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”Gwendolynn creates magic effortlessly. Our sessions were such a healing experience for me.”

-Anne Bouwmeester

Within Live Your Heart Inner Alchemy sessions, Inner Alchemy is the foundational process that I guide you through.
In essence, this is a process of transformation on the inside. The outside process looks different for each person: what tools and modalities we work with to assist your process can be very different, according to your needs and wishes. The inner process is the same for everybody: through your own intention, you will transform your inner world. On this page I explain more about Inner Alchemy. If you want to learn more about the different healing tools and modalities I work with to assist your alchemical journey, you can find the information under the button ‘modalities’ in the menu. Also, you can reach out to me directly with any questions you might have.

For those of you who are wanting to connect to your true purpose, to live your life from a place of inner peace while being connected to your higher self, the path of Inner Alchemy will guide you on your healing journey.

''The wound is where the light enters''

What does a session look like?

All Inner Alchemy sessions have a ceremonial format. I create a sacred space, in which we open the portal for your transformation. During the sessions we will connect to your intention. I combine different modalities to assist and guide your process. In case you would like to explore certain modalities, you can let me know in advance.

Examples of what we can do within the sessions:

Acknowledging, letting go, releasing
-Inner child connection & healing
-Ancestral lineage connection & healing
-Parallel life connection & healing
-Dissolving outdated contract, deals & agreements
-Cutting tethers

Empowerment (connecting to magical abilities, developing leadership qualities)
-Connecting to your intuition 
-Connecting to your purpose
-Connecting to your self – healing abilities 

Connecting to spiritual support system
-Connecting to your guides 
-Connecting/strengthening connection to Divine Feminine Ascended Masters
-Initiations with Divine Feminine ascended Masters

The different healing tools and modalities that I combine within the sessions include:

Prayer & invocation
Akashic Records
Inner processing & Regression
Oracle cards
Dance & Movement
Yoga Nada
Flowering Voice
Sound Healing
Dream time & connecting to your spirit animal
Walking the medicine wheel
Seven steps into the Ancestral lineage
Essential oils

Here you can read more on the modalities I work with:

I recommend doing a course of sessions, as this allows you to really deepen your process and integrate gracefully. You can book a course of three, six, seven or eight sessions. It’s also possible to book a single session. All sessions have a duration of 90 minutes.

More on Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is all about transforming your inner world. When we shed of layers and let go of traumas that keep us in a cycle of repeating stories from our past, we can become whole. Inner Alchemy is a powerful way of healing that allows us to access the wisdom of our heart. The heart knows our purpose and is courageous. If you feel lost within your life and disconnected, if you want to let go of old emotions and stories from the past that are not serving you anymore, if you want to fully step into your power and shine out your true essence and light into the world, Inner Alchemy will be of great benefit for you. 

Inner Alchemy will allow you to transform all parts of you that are not serving you anymore. It will help you to let go of playing out the patterns and old stories that you might be playing out from your past or even from your ancestral lineage. It will assist you to heal wounds of sadness, fears of not being good enough, and to let go of shame. If you experience a sense of being lost within your life, it will help you to find guidance from your higher self and to connect you to your true purpose.
As you shed of layers, you may experience that a weight is leaving your shoulders, or other physical discomforts may leave your system, as our body stores our stagnant emotions. The heaviness and confusion you might experience from physical, emotional, or even spiritual pain, will dissolve and you will be able to transform it into love. You will become much lighter.  

The sessions are a journey to the heart through an experience with combined healing modalities. The Akashic Records, Yoga Nada, Cacao ceremony, reiki, voice and movement are some of the modalities I work with. For those of you unfamiliar with these healing tools, the sessions are also a great way to discover and explore the new worlds that they can offer to you.

Within the sessions I facilitate a space in which your personal transformation can take place. It will be a safe space in which you can freely express all parts of yourself and feel supported in your process.  We will connect to the guidance from your higher self and to your intention of your Inner Alchemy. I use different healing modalities to assist this process. The modalities that we will predominantly work with depends on which ones resonate most with you.   

Overview of the different healing modalities that I work with: 
Akashic Records, cacao ceremony, (intuitive) massage, reiki, sound, Yoga Nada, Flowering Voice, movement, dance, qi gong, oracle card reading, meditation, shamanic wisdom, The Artist Way, Hellenic astrology, human design.   

Watch my video on Inner Alchemy:

Yes, I want to connect deeper to my heart and true purpose!


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