Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy Immersion

The group course Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy immersion will connect you to your joy, creativity and purpose, support you to receive guidance from your higher self and Alchemise what is no longer serving your highest potential. You will release old patterns, beliefs and bring healing into traumas, creating space to receive more of yourself and to live your heart every day! 

Sundays, 10 am – 12 afternoon European time, 17 pm – 19 pm Bali time
Date overview:
May: 15, 22, 29
June: 5
, 12, 19


EARLY BIRD (before 22nd of April): 260 euros
REGULAR (before 7th of May: 295 euros
LATE BIRD (after 7th of May): 310 euros


Within the course I will guide our group by listening, creating space for sharing and by offering a unique program in which different modalities that connect us to the heart are combined. Ceremony, The Akashic Records, Cacao, Flowering Voice, Reiki & Massage, Movement, Dance and reflecting will be the leading modalities throughout these six weeks.
It is possible to book one or more individual sessions throughout the duration of this course, this will be with a discount of 20%.

What does the course look like?

The different modalities and tools that we’ll be working with to assist the process of Inner Alchemy are ritual, The Akashic Records, Shamanic journeying, Inner child work, ancestor lineage clearing, Sophia consciousness & initiations, reiki, movement, meditation, breath, cacao, sound and voice. 
This will be the structure and the themes for each week:

1. Opening ceremony
Connecting to our Spirit Animal

During the opening ceremony I’ll give an introduction on the course and we’ll get to know each other. We’ll be sharing our intentions and start with a first Shamanic journey in which we’ll meet our spirit animal that will guide us throughout our journey.

2. Inner Child 

Our Inner Child is often neglected. Within the process of connecting to our Inner Child we can find many treasures. We can release stagnant energy that we stored within our physical and our emotional body from moments that we had a reaction of shock during our childhood. By releasing this tension from our system, we can create space again for new beliefs and patterns.

3. Ancestors 

Connecting to our roots is powerful in many ways. We have the capacity to understand ourselves profoundly and to bring healing into any traumas we might carry from our ancestral lineage. Within this ceremony we will connect to our ancestors and clear stagnant energy within our own system.

4. Dreams & Purpose

If anything is possible, what would your life look like? During this fourth meeting we will connect to our creativity and to our dreams. We will connect to guidance from the Akashic Records to get more clarity on our purpose, what it is that we came to do here on this Earth during this lifetime. 

5. Isis Introduction

Isis is an incredibly powerful ascended Master who is very willing to support our human journey on this earth. We will learn from her wisdom and prepare for her initiation in the last session. 

6. Isis Initiation

The Isis initiation activates our DNA to be empowered and will help us taking an important step into our sovereignty. We will clear outdated beliefs that are holding us back from loving ourselves and allowing ourselves to fully be in the joy of life. Don’t underestimate the power of connecting to the energy of Isis. When you are open to welcome her energy as a friend and guide within your life, miracles truly start to happen.

In between the calls there will be exercises to deepen and integrate what we are doing.
For this course you will also receive a reader in which these exercises are written down. The reader also includes relevant background information on Inner Alchemy and the different tools and modalities we’re playing with. 

Within this course we are creating a portal for our own embodiment of our soul, to live our highest potential in each moment. This will ripple out into the world. I’d like to say to anyone who feels called to be in this course, but still has some doubts: please reach out to me! I am offering this course because I am guided to do so. And I know the presence of You who is ready to step into a more radical embodiment of love will have such a huge impact, which is beyond anyones imagination. 

You can read more about these individual modalities on my website and with any additional questions you can reach out to me directly via .

”As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Nelson Mandela

The connection to our heart, to our inner light and to our joy – I feel it can’t be emphasised enough! That this is the time to bring healing into our ancestral lineage. To connect to ancient wisdom and to direct the tools that are available to us to shift outdated patterns that may still be holding us back from living our true purpose.  

Within this online Inner Alchemy group immersive we will cultivate our childlike innocence and natural curiosity. The course is there to empower you to live your true purpose. It will connect you to your creativity, empower you to be sovereign and to allow yourself to live your life filled with joy. You will find that through your inner wisdom and knowing you have all the answers you need already inside of you. And you will see the magic that arises when you start living in alignment, connected to your heart. 

For those of you who can’t wait, the Live Your Heart Inner Alchemy one-on-one sessions for deep transformation are open to start any time! These sessions are personalised. You can read more information on this page.

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