Inner Alchemy 

Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy sessions will connect you to your joy, creativity and purpose, support you to receive guidance from your higher self and to Alchemise what is no longer serving your highest potential. You will release old patterns, beliefs and bring healing into traumas, creating space to receive more of yourself and to live your heart every day! 

Within these sessions I create a sacred space for your transformation, combining different healing tools and modalities. On this page I introduce some of these tools and you can click on the ‘read more’ button to find out more in depth information. Within the Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy sessions we will work with the modalities and tools that will best support your intention. It’s always possible to choose one or more specific modalities that you would like to work with, it can also be an intention to discover a certain modality that you feel attracted to.

Examples of what we can do within the sessions:

Acknowledging, letting go, releasing
-Inner child connection & healing
-Ancestral lineage connection & healing
-Parallel life connection & healing
-Dissolving outdated contract, deals & agreements
-Cutting tethers

Empowerment (connecting to magical abilities, developing leadership qualities)
-Connecting to your intuition 
-Connecting to your purpose
-Connecting to your self – healing abilities 

Connecting to spiritual support system
-Connecting to your guides 
-Connecting/strengthening connection to Divine Feminine Ascended Masters
-Initiations with Divine Feminine ascended Masters



An Akashic Record reading can give you profound insight on your life’s path. As it connects you to wisdom from your higher self, it provides you with an eagles’ perspective on your life’s experience. The eagle sees everything from above, with great clarity. Sometimes you might feel lost within your life, when you experience challenging situations, when need to make difficult decisions or when you feel that you’re playing out the same patterns within your life over and over again. In this case receiving guidance from your higher self can make all the difference and bring you back to a place of clarity and heart-centered action.  
Akasha means basis and essence of all things. The Akashic Records are an energetic field of unconditional love. They are a form of memory that holds information of all existence.
Connecting to the wisdom of your own Akashic records will assist you to live your true purpose and to live in alignment with your soul.  


Your heart knows your true purpose. Cacao is a true heart opener. It’s a very gentle medicine that helps you to open again to this place within you, where you find courage, clarity and peace. 

As we sit in ceremony together we connect to your intention, which is the main guide of the ceremony. From there the cacao is assisting you to bring up everything that wants to be seen. Imagine that your intention marrying with the cacao will want to bring you to the center of your heart. Within the ceremony I hold space for whatever comes up for you. You might have the intention to connect deeper to your creativity, in this case we create a space for play and creation. It might be that you feel more like receiving, in this case I can give you a soundhealing session during the ceremony, a reiki & massage treatment or a combination of those.  

Cacao also has a lot of health benefits: it’s a great source of antioxidants, the highest plant-based source of iron, full of magnesium which benefits the heart and brain, contains more magnesium than cow milk and last but not least is full of bliss chemicals (serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine) that make cacao a natural mood elevator. 



Through Yoga Nada you can use your own voice to clear your away stagnant emotions, thoughts and energy. You will experience how your voice can heal your body.
Yoga Nada is the Yoga of sound. Yoga means union, so within this practice the focus is to experience union through sound. Within the sessions you’ll learn the basics of this practice, which you can look at as a specific form of meditation.
During each session there will also be a moment in which you have the chance to voice what is going on within your life and what your experience with the practice is. There are always representations of your life’s events within the practice and vice versa and through the practice you can transform some of your challenges.  


In case you are experiencing physical or emotional pain a reiki & massage session can aid you like to rebalance body, mind and soul.
A reiki & massage session brings healing to the imbalanced parts of your physical, emotional and energetic body and restore balance. Often, the imbalances that show up in the physical real have roots in the emotional or energetic realm. All of our bodies are interconnected, so within a session I will take a holistic approach to your well-being.  
We will look into the imbalances that you are experiencing and you will receive energetic healing to soothe them. In addition to the energetic healing, I will massage parts of your body, so that you may feel a stronger relief on the physical realm as well. In case you don’t feel comfortable with physical massage, it’s also possible to receive just the reiki treatment.  


We are our voice and our voice is our being. All beings have a flower inside that wants to unfold it’s petals.  

Have you always wanted to sing, but have you been holding back because you think your voice is not good enough? Would you like to explore different styles of music from around the world by singing traditional songs? 
I strongly believe that everybody can sing and am very passionate about assisting people on their vocal journey. Singing is not about being born with a good voice, it’s simply about practice.  
I see our voice as our being and for this reason I bring in a holistic approach to singing. In the sessions, I combine singing technique with the healing and spiritual properties of the voice. We work with all aspects of our voice’ body, mind and soul.  

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