Reiki & Massage

Rebalance and regenerate your being!



Reiki & Massage are part of the modalities that I interweave within the Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy sessions.
Regenerating your physical and energetic body can be your main or one of your main intentions for the sessions. Depending on your wishes, Reiki & Massage can be main modalities or assisting modalities for your alchemical journey.

In case you are experiencing physical or emotional pain a reiki & massage session can aid you like to rebalance body, mind and soul.

Gwendolynn’s massage is deeply, deeply relaxing, and also healing because she has the ability to use touch to bring you to the peaceful present. ”

''Reiki brings back the light that has always been inside of us.''

''Relax the mind and the body follows.''

With the experience of our daily life it’s only natural that imbalances appear, as life is a continuous interplay between polarities.  

A reiki & massage session brings healing to the imbalanced parts of your physical, emotional and energetic body and restores balance.

Often, the imbalances that show up in the physical real have roots in the emotional or energetic realm. All of our bodies are interconnected, so within a session I will take a holistic approach to your well-being.  
We will look into the imbalances that you are experiencing and you will receive energetic healing to soothe them. In addition to the energetic healing, I will massage parts of your body, so that you may feel a stronger relief on the physical realm as well. In case you don’t feel comfortable with physical massage, it’s also possible to receive just the reiki treatment.  

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