Yoga Nada

Are you looking for a way to understand and experience sound profoundly?



Yoga Nada is one of the modalities that I interweave within the Live Your Heart – Inner Alchemy sessions. It is a very powerful to connect to your own voice and to the silence and peace that is always present within you. This practice can provide you with a profound experience of union, which is in itself transformational. Depending on your wishes, Yoga Nada can be a focus point within your sessions, or it can be a modality that comes in as an assistance.

Through Yoga Nada you can use your own voice to clear your away stagnant emotions, thoughts and energy. You will experience how your voice can heal your body. Yoga Nada is the Yoga of sound. Yoga means union, so within this practice the focus is to experience union through sound. All sound is born out of silence.

''Silence is a great source of strength.''
                      -Lao Tzu

Within the sessions you’ll learn the basics of this practice, which you can look at as a specific form of meditation. Within this practice a very strong element is the connection to silence, the emptiness from which sound is born. You might be familiar with asana yoga, in which specific body postures are being practiced. Within Yoga Nada, Instead of having our body postures as Asanas, we practice different sounds. Each sound has its own specific function, of which your understanding will deepen through the experience of your practice.  
Of course, there is a lot to how we are creating the sound as well and through our practice we will deepen the understanding of our voice and our awareness of the connection from our voice to our physical and energetic body. 
During each session there will also be a moment in which you have the chance to voice what is going on within your life and what your experience with the practice is. There are always representations of your life’s events within the practice and vice versa and through the practice you can transform some of your challenges.  

My own experience 
Through practicing Yoga Nada I became much more centered within myself, felt a deeper connection to my voice. I became much more aware of my environment and its sounds and the way the sounds affected me. And at the same could feel more neutral within different environments.  

Yes, I want to experience union.


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